HEINE DELTA 20T Dermatoscope

You can’t treat what you can’t see

Crystal clear, high-resolution images thanks to the high-quality achromatic optical system. 10 to 16x magnification.


Crystal clear, high-resolution images thanks to the high-quality achromatic optical system. The focusing system delivers 10 to 16× magnification for a detailed view of even the smallest structures.

Toggle function for switching between polarised and non-polarised illumination mode. With the press of a button. No exchange of contact plates necessary. The additional diagnostic function allows detection of ‘blink signs’ when viewing crystalline structures and milia. For more information, please visit heine.com/en/Toggle.

Glare-free and reflection-free view thanks to polarisation, even without immersion fluid. For fast and flexible work. 

With just one hand: individual focusing, range of correction approximately –6 to +6 dpt. 

There’s LED. And there’s LEDHQ. HEINE has set a new standard which maintains that only the best is good enough, from the selection of materials to processing, from light intensity and thermal management to a colour rendering index as high as possible. That’s what we call LED in HEINE Quality – or LEDHQ.

The DELTA 20T is also capable of digital documentation: using the HEINE digital camera lens system, the dermatoscope can be connected to the SLR cameras of major brands without any issues. 


Catalogue Number: K-010.28.388

Further articles / Accessories HEINE DELTA 20T Dermatoscope

Contact plate without scale
Contact plate without scale

23mm dia. without scale

Contact plate with scale
Contact plate with scale

23mm dia. with scale

Small contact plate
Small contact plate

Small contact plate, 8mm dia. for the examination of inaccessible lesions

Photo Accessory Set for Nikon
Photo Accessory Set for Nikon

Includes SLR Photo adaptor, adaptor cord, distance ring and BETA Belt Clip

Photo Accessory Set  for Canon
Photo Accessory Set for Canon

Includes SLR Photo adaptor, adaptor cord, distance ring and BETA Belt Clip

SLR Photo adaptor for Dermatoscope/digital SLR camera
SLR Photo adaptor for Dermatoscope/digital SLR camera

With Optics, Wide Field of View, crisp image for Canon

SLR Photo adaptor for Dermatoscope/digital SLR camera
SLR Photo adaptor for Dermatoscope/digital SLR camera

for Nikon

HEINE accompanies my medical practice since several years. I recently purchased a new HEINE DELTA 20 T dermatoscope; the quality of the high resolution optics, the LEDHQ light with an exceptional color rendering and the unique switching functionality between polarized light and immersion, accessible with a single click and without change of contact plate, make the DELTA 20 T dermatoscope being the best HEINE dermatoscope ever.

Dr. Giuseppe Scarcella

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What handles can be used with the HEINE DELTA20 T Dermatoscope?

All HEINE BETA handles can be used with the DELTA20 T Dermatoscope.

How can I clean and disinfect the HEINE DELTA20 T Dermatoscope?

The device can be cleaned and disinfected manually (wipe cleaning and wipe disinfection).

Recommended agents:

Cleaning agent: Neodisher® MediClean

Disinfectant agent: quaternary ammonium compounds (e.g. Microbac® Tissues)

How do I change the light source in my HEINE DELTA20 T Dermatoscope?

With the HEINE DELTA 20T Dermatoscope the LED cannot be changed.


How does the Toggle Function of the HEINE DELTA20 T Dermatoscope work?

The DELTA20 T offers 2 illumination modes – Polarized and Non-Polarized. When the instrument is initially turned on it will always be in Polarized mode. To change to Non-Polarized, simply press the black button on either side of the instrument “neck”. To return to Polarized mode, press the button again. If at any time you are unsure what mode you are in, simply turn the instrument OFF and then back ON and it will default to the Polarized mode.

Is immersion liquid required when using the HEINE DELTA20 T Dermatoscope?

The choice to use liquid when performing Dermoscopy is a personal one. With the advent of Polarized lighting technology, liquids are not required, but their use does provides additional diagnostic information.

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HEINE Quality Made In Germany

As a global leader in the manufacture of primary diagnostic instruments with over 500 employees, HEINE Optotechnik has been a 100 % family owned and managed company for more than 70 years. We continue to develop and manufacture HEINE instruments at our facilities in Germany, where we combine decades-long experience and craftsmanship with the most modern manufacturing technologies.

Quality Made in Germany