Ophthalmology is one of the oldest medical sub-disciplines. References about the treatment of eye diseases can be found on stone slabs as old as 3600 years. Details about the structure of the eye, however, have only become known and have been used systematically since the introduction of the microscope in the 19th century.

Today, the choice between numerous ophthalmological instruments allows doctors to diagnose and treat eye diseases and functional disorders.

HEINE is specialised in the development and production of ophthalmological diagnostic instruments. Whether head-worn or hand-held – the entire HEINE product portfolio stands for highest quality in order to provide the earliest and most precise diagnosis.

Our instruments are used worldwide by eye specialists, optometrists, and orthoptists but also by general practitioners as well as paediatricians.

HEINE Ophthalmology Products

Binocular Indirect Ophthalmoscopes, Direct Ophthalmoscopes, Retinoscopes

HEINE OMEGA 500 with DV1

High-Resolution Digital Imaging of the Fundus

Early detection of ocular disorders

Brückner Test with the direct ophthalmoscope.