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HEINE supports aid organisations

We do what we do best: help

As one of the world’s leading medtech manufacturers, we aspire to make the highest-quality diagnostic instruments to give patients the greatest possible chance of improving their health. However, we are well aware that access to preventive medical care and treatment isn’t something people take for granted everywhere. Around 50% of people in Africa alone, or at least 400 million people globally, do not have access to adequate healthcare. That’s why we’re involved in international initiatives – to offer all patients the chance of obtaining medical treatment wherever possible.

This is the reason why we regularly support various aid projects like Aktion Volta Augenklinik e.V. in Kpando, Ghana, or Aktion Tschernobyl-Hilfe e.V. in Ukraine, both of which you can read more about below. But we also do our bit regionally – by making donations to support accident-related care and healthcare.

Aktion Volta Augenklinik e.V.

The project implemented in Kpando, a city situated near Lake Volta, is striving to improve the situation of patients with eye diseases in Ghana.  The country has a population of 29 million, but just under 60 ophthalmologists. The shortage of specialists is particularly clear to see in rural areas, where there are only 20 ophthalmologists available to serve over 20 million inhabitants, and even fewer public eye clinics. Against this backdrop in particular, it becomes obvious just how urgently needed expanded local medical care truly is.

HEINE has been actively involved in the association’s activities in the Volta region since 2017.  Its goal is to secure the operation of the eye clinics by having volunteers coordinate relief efforts and fundraising for consumables, not to mention maintaining, repairing and expanding the instrument stock and making eye treatment possible for the many people in the region who cannot afford to pay for it.

Aktion Tschernobyl-Hilfe e.V.

The association set up by founder Rita Limmroth is committed to helping people affected by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Even today, many people are still struggling with the health implications of the 1986 super MCA. Many local hospitals are inadequately equipped, and an adequate medical infrastructure only exists in some places. The main focus is on the children’s hospital in the city of Lutsk.

HEINE has a long-standing partnership with the association and plays an active role in its commitment in Ukraine. By making regular donations in kind, we support the local doctors by providing diagnostic instruments and would like to provide the children with the medical treatment they so desperately need.

Bavarian Red Cross, Starnberg

The regional association of the German Red Cross is usually among the first on the scene when it comes to rescue or accident-related care for people in Bavaria. To help it succeed in this endeavour HEINE also supports the approximately 850 full-time employees and about 1,000 volunteers by providing donations in kind. To name but one example, we kit out the ambulances and the first-aiders’ equipment with our instruments and, in so doing, assist with local emergency rescue efforts.

If all that weren’t enough…

HEINE is also involved in a variety of other projects, including: