Magnification and illumination in maxillary surgery

In an interview with ‘Bite magazine’ (a trade magazine for dental professionals published in Australia), Dr Han Choi (an oral and maxillofacial surgeon and member of the Dental Council of New Zealand DCNZ) explains the benefits he sees in using loupes and lights in maxillary surgery and which magnification is best. 

According to Dr Choi, loupes with illumination enable improved visibility and thus greater control and precision; detailed work becomes much easier. 

In his work, he uses loupes with different magnifications depending on the type of dental procedure he is conducting. While 2.5x magnification is ideal for full arch implant procedures due to the larger field of view, he uses a loupe with 3.5x magnification for more complex procedures like guided bone regeneration (GBR) or small sutures. This permits even greater precision when manipulating tissue.

Based on his experience, Dr Choi clearly recommends using headlights with loupes in maxillary surgery. He even comments that the HEINE loupes with Illumination have changed his practice: ‘They are comfortable to wear, light and definitely makes me a better surgeon.’