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HEINE announces new OMEGA 600 the most lightweight high-end indirect ophthalmoscope on the market

Retinal Diagnostics 

May 2021 – 

HEINE launches its newest indirect ophthalmoscope, the OMEGA 600. Several innovations set the OMEGA 600 apart in this category, including an entirely new design that makes it the lightest high-end indirect on the market courtesy of a new ultralight battery. The other new features are HEINE’s new visionBOOST technology, which significantly improves retina exams for cataract patients and a sophisticated surface design for easy cleaning and disinfection. As a result, the OMEGA 600 is ideal for both the provider and the patient.  HEINE offers a five-year guarantee on the quality of its materials, workmanship, and design.


VisionBOOST is an innovation, developed by HEINE that will improve a provider’s ability to examine cataract patients. This new feature which can be adjusted gradually, enables an up to 20-percent better view of the retina, and provides both the patient and the provider with a more tolerable light intensity during examination.

Dr. Maximilian Wintergerst from University Hospital Bonn’s Department of Ophthalmology put visionBOOST to the test. In his words, “In most patients examined, the new function improved the view in presence of mild and moderate cataract. In principle, this was the case for all cataract sub-types (nuclear / cortical / posterior according to the LOCS III classification).

In the case of well-defined, stronger, small opacities (beginning cortical / posterior cataract), the view improved noticeably when examining the respective affected fundus area. Very small opacities almost completely disappeared thanks to the brightness boost.

In eyes with predominantly nuclear sclerosis, the boost function resulted in a generally sharper and higher contrast image."

HEINE relies on high-grade LED quality for the OMEGA 600 in order to achieve bright and homogeneous illumination for the fundus with realistic color rendering.

Three filters are available based on the diagnostic needs: yellow, blue, and red-free.


Every ounce counts for head-worn instruments

There is one thing that stands out first in a direct comparison with the OMEGA 500 and other high-end, indirect ophthalmoscopes: The OMEGA 600 is lighter. This is chiefly due to its power supply, which comes from a lithium polymer battery. Despite the instrument’s extremely compact design, the battery achieves eight full hours’ operation on average, depending on the light intensity used. A lower instrument weight leads to more comfortable work and reduces strain on the spine, especially when the instrument is worn on the head for a longer period of time.


Easy to clean and disinfect

Instruments that are used constantly over years must also be trouble free when it comes to cleaning and disinfection. The developers accomplished this quality by consistently avoiding openings on the device, fully integrating the electronics and dustproof sealing the optical unit.

A tailor-made breath shield is also available to order as a consumable for mouth-and-nose coverage. A major selling point for the breath shield is a special recess for the optical window, which preserves the view into the eye.


Extra charging set for mobile use

The OMEGA 600 can be conveniently recharged with a wall charger or, alternatively, by USB cord. In addition, a charging set is offered for constant or mobile use. Consisting of a charging case and a battery, the set provides a second, mobile source of power to quickly replace an empty battery if needed.


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