HEINE Philosophy

Building the best quality diagnostic instruments possible is the goal that drives our action every day. We always have in mind, what doctors need in order to make a reliable diagnosis and are therefore able to support their patients’ health in the best way. Understanding requirements in the medical field in combination with the expertise of how to produce highly precise and durable devices is how we meet our customers’ expectations.

All's well that starts well.
HEINE was founded in 1946 by Helmut A. Heine, a physicist and passionate scientist. His goal was simple - he wanted to develop and build the best quality diagnostic instruments possible for the medical profession. Products that were not only reliable and durable, but that would offer new and better diagnostic capabilities for the practitioner, as well as the patient.

For this reason, HEINE Optotechnik sought cooperation with physicians and universities right from the start. Helmut A. Heine was convinced, however, that the key to reaching his goals would be to remain as independent a company as possible.
For 70 years this philosophy has been the foundation of our success. And it still is today.

Bulding our future on the reid and true.
Today HEINE Optotechnik is still an independent, family owned company that makes decisions based on long term benefits for our products, our customers and our company. Since the start we have continually invested in our own manufacturing capabilities to attain a high level of vertical integration. This allows us to control the manufacturing process at virtually every step - from the first idea to the finished instrument. We continue to invest heavily in the development of our products and still work closely together with Medical Professionals around the world to ensure that the products we develop are not only of the highest quality, but offer the most reliable and accurate diagnosis. And we continually seek to develop and improve our own processes, resulting in new ways to manufacture more efficiently and to always higher and higher quality standards.